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Crime pays in the 1920s
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Dewli Animation by cthulhukoJackettt by cthulhuko Omnis Nocte by cthulhukoOtoto by cthulhukoVirunlicht 1 by cthulhukoVirunlicht 2 by cthulhuko

$18,– for one icon; $29,– for two icons;


not available anymore

Buruchii by cthulhukoVaniraa3 by cthulhukoFuses Ani by cthulhukoKiimcakes by cthulhuko
Kaiet Animation by cthulhukoJanerre by cthulhukoMockingjey by cthulhuko

$23,– for one icon; $37,– for two icons;


additional animations:

difficult animations will come more expensive, simple ones are for free!
like this: 
whole body moving, shifting from one form into another one etc. = difficult
a moving body part, a facerub or a kiss on the cheek (as commonly commissioned) etc. = simple

Kisses are an additional 14$:
2 bust icons with kissing animation: 43$
2 fullbody icons with kissing animation are 51$

One sided or cheek kisses are cheaper of course! (half the 14$ = 7$)

Animating a head turning from the front to the side takes some time, so if you want me to pixel characters from sideview I won't charge extra for kisses!
(example: one character facing the side, one facing the front. The character facing the side will kiss the character facing front on the cheek; or both characters facing the side, kissing each other on the mouth)


please write me a deviantart note or e-mail containing:
– your pay pal email
– refs (must be images)
– additional information about the character/animation/pose/etc.. you want me to mind!

to this adress:

I will answer you with a suggestion for the price and for the animation.

  • If you want to pay at a later date I can put you onto my waitlist as well but with a red bullet and will start to work on your icon as soon as I've received your payment. Since the waiting times are very long sometimes I'm more than okay with that C:
  • you can request anything, headshot bust and fullbody, also background, busts are cheaper because often they are easier to do. I recommend choosing the bust if you have a highly detailed character.
  • If you want your icon to stay within the 15kb limit (DA regulation for icons) I won't be able to make much more than a 20-25 frame animation. (~2s with 10fps)
  • I'll do both ocs, official characters, furries and whatsoever you can think of. if it's something more mature you will have to ask me but I usually don't have a problem with nudes as long as they look aesthetic and not pornografic.
  • you may use it as an icon for sites like deviantart, in your tumblr layout etc. It doesn't need to stay within the 50x50 pixel layout.
  • You may not edit it yourself but you can ask me to change things within the icon or even the whole icon if you're unhappy with the result! (really! That's absolutely fine so don't be shy!!! I want you guys to be happy with what you get after all)
  • you can always request a certain style of icon that I used in the past but you'll have to consider that it won't be completely similar to it since I change my style from time to time!
  • it'd be awesome if you'd put a little made by ctlhuhuko (with a link) somewhere visible but you really don't have to, you paid for it after all :^)
  • you can always ask me for progress screenshots!
  • I hope you are okay if I use your commission as a sample for my commissions, if you are uncomfortable with it please tell me! (I will not put your icon on display here then or take it away from my samples.)
  • Last but not least: The samples seen here are some of my past commissions, that means they are only to be used by their respective owners!! and ffs don't trace I'll haunt u.


B O N U S round
(normal commissions : P)
commissionA by cthulhuko

  • $30,– for one fullbody
  • $50,– for two fullbodies
  • $75,– for three fullbodies

  • $15,– for one bust
  • $25,– for two busts
  • $38,– for three busts

  • $7,– for one headshot
  • $12,– for two headshots
  • $16,– for three headshots

I can draw:
ocs ,real people ,fanart, furries, nudity, pets, a background(LOL), etc… basically anything just ask me

I can’t or won’t draw:
porn, overly complicated designs, mecha

new system: one slot is one character, multiple slots are multiple characters.
Bullet; Green  NaoyuSama 1fb icon – started
Bullet; Red ppara – waiting for references
Summer slots
Bullet; Green rerolune – bust (finished till end of Juni)
Bullet; Green rerolune – bust (finished till end of Juni)
Bullet; Red 01Shizune – (finished till end of Juni)
Bullet; Red oibonk – (finished till end of Juli)
Bullet; Red oibonk – (finished till end of Juli)
Bullet; Red Nachi-chi – (finished till end of Juli)
Bullet; Red dewli – (finished till end of August)
Bullet; Red dewli – (finished till end of August)
Bullet; Red Buru-Chii– (finished till end of August)
Bullet; Red Buru-Chii– (finished till end of September)
Bullet; Red Buru-Chii  – (finished till end of September)
Bullet; Red Buru-Chii– (finished till end of September)
Bullet; Red shosika– (finished till end of October)

Bullet; Green  = ready to go!
Bullet; Red  = on hold
Bullet; Yellow  = new slot, not claimed yet.


Buruchii by cthulhuko

Yar 1 by cthulhukoDewli Animation by cthulhukoY0uko by cthulhuko

Ruuto by cthulhukoAzrael by cthulhukoOssanslegs by cthulhukoVaniraa3 by cthulhuko
Kaiet Animation by cthulhukoVaniraa 2 by cthulhukoVaniraa 1 by cthulhuko

Rb2 by cthulhukoJackettt by cthulhukoNcp3 by cthulhuko
Janerre2 by cthulhukoKiimcakes by cthulhukoVanille Cream by cthulhuko
Kaietttttt by cthulhukoBea by cthulhukoJanerre by cthulhukoMockingjey by cthulhuko

 Omnis Nocte by cthulhukoMonaryan by cthulhuko111 by cthulhuko
3 by cthulhuko2 by cthulhuko1 by cthulhuko
Naopt by cthulhukoOtoto by cthulhuko

NOKKELBORTH by cthulhukoVirunlicht 1 by cthulhukoVirunlicht 2 by cthulhukowolfphe by cthulhuko
Grapefruit by cthulhuko
Dioaminaj 2 by cthulhukoJacket3 by cthulhukoSeossi2 by cthulhukoKariru by cthulhuko
Tontoh2 by cthulhukoTontoh1 by cthulhukoInquetu-1 by cthulhukoInquetu-2 by cthulhukoUrzulile by cthulhukoLeiriope by cthulhuko
Sd2 by cthulhukoDethly by cthulhukoKai-isolated by cthulhukoPricechi Worm by cthulhukoSir-cookie by cthulhukoGuialou-2 by cthulhuko
Untitled 25 by cthulhukoYuki by cthulhukoTeddy by cthulhukoShripherby by cthulhukoUrzuli1 by cthulhukoUrzuli2 by cthulhuko
11111 by cthulhuko2222 by cthulhukoDiaminaj by cthulhukoRed By Cthulhuko-d5b7dhd by cthulhukoJudaru3 By Cthulhuko-d5oesoe by cthulhukoJudaru1 By Cthulhuko-d5oesod by cthulhuko
Rurest Commish Nein by cthulhukoRosiana by cthulhukoTimber2 by cthulhukoTimber-1 by cthulhukoKittonii by cthulhukoSunny-winter-star by cthulhuko

Belial by cthulhukoLocke by cthulhukoValkyriere by cthulhukoTesazombie by cthulhukoFLOpixel2 by cthulhukoBattydesugirl by cthulhuko
Ticktoki by cthulhuko
Neverkonws Icon by cthulhukoVoodoo-filth Icon by cthulhukoSaawaa Heidi Icon-2 by cthulhukoSaawaa Cecil Icon by cthulhuko


cthulhuko's Profile Picture
is a very cool
commissions are C L O S E D
will be open again ~December 2016
No, I can't do art trades (sorry >__< I wish I had more time for my commissions)

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